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    Frequently Asked Questions


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    Frequently Asked Questions Empty Frequently Asked Questions

    Post by Rhea Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:03 pm

    01. What is AOE?
    AOE stands for "Anime Opening Ending", which shows the main purpose of the group - anime openings and endings. That is what we will cover officially, the Personal Projects section includes all Asian languages.

    02. Where do I start?
    First, you introduce yourself at the Introduction Area and get to know other members there. Then, make sure you make a to-do-list when you start joining projects. Don't forget to read all Rules & Regulations

    03. How do I participate?
    Every official project will be announced to all members, but the Person Projects are up to each member to check. You head over there and check the thread if they catch your attention, then read their rules about

    Again, don't forget to read the rules!

    04. How do I record?

    First, you will need a mic, or other recording devices. Your laptop may have an installed microphone, but it might not sound that decent. You could also buy a headphone with mic, which has a reasonable price and maybe a bit decent, depends on the brand. However, if you have the money, it is highly recommended to invest on a proper mic such as a Samson USB mic or etc.

    You will also need a recording software to record. If you don't have one already, there are a few recording softwares that are free such as AudaCity and Wavepad. AudaCity is very recommended to those who are new to dubbing.
    When you record, try to keep your sample frequency at 44100hz or the same as the supplied mp3.

    05. The song I want to cover is not an option.
    Feel free to suggest songs in the Suggestion thread!

    06. What is a color coded song?
    A color coded song is a song where there's no limit to the sign ups unless stated. We will color code the songs and distribute the parts equally and based on your vocal range.

    07. Do we need permission to do a solo/duet/trio projects?
    Permission is not needed for this. The only thing that is needed is that all participating members need to be members of AOE if you want it to be officially released.
    If you want to get it released as an official projects, just PM any admins/moderators available.

    08. Are we allowed to organize a project through PM that has a lot of people (like, 7-ish)?
    Yes, you are allowed to do that. Once you're done, you can either post it at the Singing Scraps, or release it officially if all members are members of AOE.

    09. Can I release duets or collabs I did at other forums here?
    Yes, those projects can be released here at the Singing Scraps.

    10. What is this Singing Scraps section?

    Singing Scraps doesn't mean that the cover you post is crappy or bad, it can mean that you did it for fun, with other people than AOE-ians, or you just don't feel like having an official release.
    Basically, this section is free for all members to post in and post EVERYTHING in.

    Feel free to ask admins/mods more questions.
    Rhea / meikimari / ladestiny92

    Credits: Some of this are taken/referred from SWS/AK/Hitoloid Chorus.

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