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    "Timing & Separating Your Files" Tutorial


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    "Timing & Separating Your Files" Tutorial Empty "Timing & Separating Your Files" Tutorial

    Post by Rhea Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:14 pm


    Now it's time for a simple tutorial about something that I recently nag you all about, and really bitch if you don't do:

    Separating and timing your files!

    Separating? What are you talking about woman!?

    Basically, it is when you put your recordings in separate files instead of one whole.

    When using AudaCity, you can use different tracks - or layers as I will call them from now on.
    THIS is a screen shot of me mixing Summer Dream by me and meikimari.
    To make it easier for you to see, I named each layer - Rhea Solo, Mei Solo, Rhea Group etc.
    Which means, that at the layer 'Rhea Solo', I have the file with my solo recordings, and on the 'Rhea Group' I have my group/duet recordings.
    Then you can also see that I have different layers for each harmony that has been recorded - because even if you're awesome and totally stunning, you can sing the melody and harmony at the same time.

    Anyways, when you've recorded whatever you were supposed to record, you have check that all your solo lines are on the same layer, and all group lines are on another.
    If there is any lines that overlaps (see HERE ), you have to put them on a separate layer too.
    As you see on the picture, the highlighted part (my solo line), overlaps the group parts. THAT'S a so-called overlap.

    When you save, it doesn't matter if you save your solo lines first or group parts first, just be sure that you MUTE everything else (see HERE ).
    On the pic you can see that all other layers are grey and my solo parts are highlighted. This means that everything else EXCEPT my solo lines are muted.
    Having the original mp3 in the background at the same time is a pain, because you can't make a proper noise removal (see more in separate tutorial) then and it is hard to time your files properly.

    Timing? Why should I need to time when I'm not the mixer?

    Because you save the mixers A LOT OF TIME if your files are somewhat properly timed. Milliseconds and such are acceptable because the delay is different on every computer and etc.

    HERE is an example. You can see that the waveforms of my recording is somewhat matching the original mp3's. This is timing. You check your files and move them so they are timed according to the mp3 you recorded with (hopefully the same that was provided in the project).
    Of course, the mixer might need to cut and time again, but that's depending on how on time you were with the syllables.
    (A mixer who just imports everything and doesn't time every half second can be considered as a lazy mixer).

    There's a lot of different ways to time your files, since I don't use AudaCity or Audition, I can't really help you fully with that, except the basics, and everything has a base - match your recordings with the original. That's your goal.

    Timing is what usually takes the longest time for a mixer - without properly timed files, it is like starting from scratch. Timing is also one of the most important things to make group parts blend. It sounds awful if someone is off-time or can't sing their syllables right.

    This is why you should take time and learn each song you participate in. Lines which are off-time makes you sound lazy, even if you stay on pitch and everything.
    Gain confidence and take time to learn each syllable and learn how each part matches with the beat.

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